On The Lighter Side: Tesla Cybertruck Looks Absolutely Unreal In New Teaser Footage

On The Lighter Side: Tesla Cybertruck Looks Absolutely Unreal In New Teaser Footage

The Tesla Cybertruck’s initial production may have been moved to late 2022, but this does not mean that the excitement for the imposing all-electric pickup truck is abating anytime soon.

A look at Tesla’s new minute-long Cybertruck teaser all but proves this, as it is quite difficult not to feel excited about the vehicle after viewing the short video.

Tesla’s new Cybertruck teaser was shared online by electric vehicle advocate Harsimran Bansal, who happened to record the clip while he was visiting one of the company’s showrooms.

The video featured the Cybertruck in both urban and outdoor environments, and it’s hard to deny — the all-electric pickup truck looks pretty sick in both environments. In city streets, it looks like a vehicle from the future, and on a work site like Giga Texas, it just looks at home.

Arguably the most interesting scenes in the new Tesla Cybertruck teaser involved the all-electric pickup truck drifting around in a field. Due to the Cybertruck’s design, the scene almost made it seem like the vehicle was CGI or a miniature version of the truck that’s being remote-controlled in a backyard.

The same goes for the Cybertruck’s scenes in Gigafactory Texas, as it looked pretty otherworldly beside the domineering construction machines being used in the complex.


Elon Musk has frequently commented on how the Cybertruck looks almost unreal and how the vehicle is essentially CGI in real life. Tesla’s new teaser for the all-electric pickup truck all but highlights this point even further. In several sections of the video, after all, one would almost have to look twice to confirm if the vehicle in the frame was legitimate or not. It would then be quite interesting to see how conventional drivers would react once production Cybertrucks start populating the road.

Recent comments from the Q3 2021 earnings call have revealed that Tesla has already built several alpha Cybertruck prototypes. One such vehicle appears to have been sighted recently while it was testing at the Castle Airport in Atwater, California.

The Cybertruck prototype was spotted from a distance, but it was evident that the all-electric pickup truck was already fitted with side mirrors, which Elon Musk later noted would be removable. The updated Cybertruck also seemed to be testing its rear-wheel steering system in the sighting.

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