On The Lighter Side: Porsche Names Paint Color After Enthusiast

On The Lighter Side: Porsche Names Paint Color After Enthusiast

This is quite the honor…

Leaving a legacy behind is something a lot of people think about doing but few truly accomplish. Then there’s Michael Essmann, a diehard Porsche enthusiast who also is Managing Director for his family’s business, Elektro Essmann. The man recently had a paint color named after him for Porsche’s Paint to Sample Plus range.

That’s right, starting in March of this year, you’ll be able to order the exterior color Essmanngreen, color code 24C. It will be made available on the Car Configurator for the 911, 718, and Taycan, which is a big chunk of Porsche’s model lineup.

We actually think this is a really nice green, something we’d add to a Porsche if we were ordering one. And we’re a little jealous, but mostly happy for Essmann’s accomplishment.

Michael Essmann has owned a Porsche painted in the official color for Elektro Essmann since 1992. This tradition started with a 911 Carrera RS 3.6, a very special car indeed. We see this as a great way of marrying one’s hobby with one’s career, even if they at first glance don’t seem to square entirely.

Since that first Carrera RS, Essmann has painted other Porsches in the same green, including a 997 GT3 RS 4.0 and a 992 GT3 Touring. We have to say this guy goes for some fantastic models, not just what looks flashy to the average person. Considering his sons Mike and Stefan compete in the Porsche Sports Cup, we’re willing to say the man set a great example as a father.

What’s more, the fact Porsche is willing to name a paint color after an enthusiast like Essmann speaks highly of the brand. That kind of dedication to enthusiasts is one of the reasons so many are borderline fanatically dedicated to Porsche. After all, a lot of automakers will do anything to make a buck, including using storied model names for a crappy crossover.

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