New Series ‘Last Chance Garage’ to Premiere on MotorTrend

The series will focus on specialty repairs of previously botched jobs, fixing other garages’ mistakes to build dream cars.


MotorTrend Group is delivering a heartfelt gift for all automotive enthusiasts, announcing a brand-new series, "Last Chance Garage," set to premiere March 20, 2024, at 10 ET/9 CT on MotorTrend TV and MotorTrend+. This new series featuring Tony D’Antonio and his Philadelphia-area garage, D’Antonio Automotive, embodies the spirit of second chances, igniting the same excitement and heartfelt connections that made "Overhaulin'" a beloved MotorTrend sensation.

Specialty car restoration mistakes are much more common than you’d think, and each episode of "Last Chance Garage" features a car with a horrifying backstory: multiple shops, years lost and tens of thousands of dollars in sunk costs. On the flip side of that struggle, audiences will see the customer and learn about their unique---and often deeply personal---connection to their car. 
In the show, D’Antonio leads a team of incredibly skilled mechanics who undo the mistakes of other garages by reviving the cars and dreams of their owners. From a 1933 Ford Roadster to a 2021 6x6 Jeep, the season is full of exciting vehicles, and D'Antonio knows what it takes to fix a botched job and make his clients’ dream cars a reality once more. When D'Antonio reveals the revival plan to the client, it will be their first moment of hope in a long while. When the client finally lays eyes on their treasured vehicle, it will be a special moment. A happy end to a long journey.
"Last Chance Garage" will air in one-hour blocks on Wednesdays and will feature 10 episodes in its first season. 

MotorTrend is available on Prime Video Channels in the U.S., Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast and on the web. MotorTrend+ is available across iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices. 

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