Cox Automotive Launches New EV Battery Center in Georgia

The newest battery center offers storage, logistics, diagnostics, repair and remanufacturing services.


Cox Automotive opened its latest EV Battery Solutions service center in Conyers, GA, an expansion of its global electric vehicle (EV) battery service network in the Southeastern U.S. The move comes as Georgia experiences a surge in EV-related investments from automakers and battery manufacturers.

"The geographic expansion of our EV battery service network reinforces our dedication to both our customers and the growth of the new and used electric vehicle market in the U.S.," said Lea Malloy, AVP of EV battery solutions, Cox Automotive. "As the global leader of integrated battery caretaking services, we provide flexible capacity and logistics expertise that frees OEM resources to focus on new product development and customer engagement that is essential to further driving EV growth."

Cox Automotive manages the industry's largest recall with remarkable efficiency and safety, and offers solutions to swiftly address emergency battery-related incidents for OEMs and dealerships across the U.S.

The company also supports practices that enable the extension of EV battery first lives and end-of-life reuse and recovery treatments. This includes a variety of storage, logistics, diagnostics, repair and remanufacturing services being conducted at the company's global EV battery service facilities in Oklahoma City, OK, Belleville, MI, Las Vegas, Conyers, GA, Ede, Netherlands, as well as select Manheim operating locations.

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