Collision Vision Podcast: Lessons in L.I.F.E. with G.B. Outlaw

Outlaw talked about the objective of his company, Next Progression, to generate people equity and propel success.


On this week’s episode of The Collision Vision podcast, host Cole Strandberg spoke with G.B. Outlaw, the president, partner and master facilitator of Next Progression. The conversation offered a comprehensive look at Outlaw's trajectory from his collegiate basketball days to his current status as a thought leader and innovator.

Episode Overview

Outlaw's journey commenced on the basketball courts of his university, where he not only sharpened his athletic prowess but also pursued an academic path in mechanical engineering. This combination of interests laid the groundwork for his subsequent professional pursuits.

His career soared at Lockheed Aeronautical Systems as a composite process engineer. Outlaw recounted the challenges he faced as a burgeoning professional, gaining the confidence and esteem of his more experienced peers, and the invaluable insights on people, purpose and process he acquired during this formative period.

Outlaw reflected on his move to PPG and his participation in cutting-edge aerospace initiatives, such as the B-2 bomber project. He highlighted the essential elements of collaboration, conviction and tenacity in overcoming the formidable challenges associated with such significant undertakings. Outlaw's acute awareness of inefficiencies and potential within the automotive and collision sectors prompted him to engage with this industry, recognizing its capacity for expansion and refinement.

Outlaw also talked about his book, "Conquering the Mountain: It's Your Choice to Climb," co-authored with his business partner, urging readers to embrace a proactive attitude, create positive change and relish the process of surmounting life's hurdles. He introduced the concept of "high-performance seeds," which represent the constructive qualities and mindsets that can cultivate both personal and professional growth. Outlaw spoke about the influence of choice and the manner in which our intentions can sculpt a life characterized by excellence.

Throughout the discussion, Outlaw's resolve to motivate others was evident. He stressed the importance of mastering the "game of life" with an optimistic outlook, perceiving life as a treasured opportunity, and approaching each day with a mindset of abundance. His aspiration to forge a positive legacy and enable others to realize their utmost capabilities was profoundly moving.

Outlaw talked about the importance of a coherent and shared vision within a team, the comprehension of organizational limits, and the significance of active participation. He revealed his goal to increase the current rate of engagement within organizations from 29% to a minimum of 60%.

Introducing Next Progression, Outlaw said the company's objective is to generate people equity and propel success by concentrating on the human element of commerce. He explained their premier workshop, "Leadership and Leading Change," is crafted to embolden individuals to lead consequential lives and make pivotal decisions in their professional capacities. Next Progression also provides online courses such as "Purposeful Leadership," "Developing Your Mental Muscle," "Embracing Your Discomfort" and "Bringing Your Enthusiasm to Every Opportunity," all aimed at nurturing personal and corporate advancement.

Outlaw's zeal for accepting discomfort, fortifying mental resilience and approaching every chance with eagerness was contagious. He inspired listeners to engage in the game of life with a victorious mindset and to establish a significant legacy. For more information on Next Progression's programs, visit

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