CAWA, TechForce Foundation to Collaborate to Recruit New Technicians

CAWA, TechForce Foundation to Collaborate to Recruit New Technicians

The nonprofits will work together to promote the profession with young people and connect the industry with students and school programs.

CAWA and the TechForce Foundation have formed a strategic alliance to address the growth and support of America’s skilled technician workforce. The two nonprofit organizations will collaborate and share resources to promote the technician profession with young people, connect industry volunteers with future techs and tech school programs, and spotlight the importance of respecting techs who keep America rolling.

“Our country needs skilled, qualified automotive technicians to keep our lives moving. Students who love problem-solving and working with their hands are longing to find an education and career that fits. For many, a four-year university isn’t the path they want or need. Instead, they’d be most excited by a technical career,” said Jennifer Maher, CEO of TechForce Foundation. “These days the auto tech profession offers a solid middle-class wage, the opportunity to live and work anywhere, and involvement in the fast-evolving, technology-rising mobility industry. Students are unaware of all their options and don’t always know how to navigate the career exploration pipeline. By forming this collaboration, CAWA and TechForce have combined the conduits through which we can reach, support and connect aspiring tech students to their futures.”

“The Board of Directors unanimously supported this new collaboration with TechForce, and we are excited to contribute to promoting and growing the technician workforce as another contribution of the association to the improvement of the auto care industry," said Rodney Pierini, president and CEO of CAWA.

Collaboration Principles

  • CAWA’s website will promote and support the technician workforce.
  • CAWA will invite its members to become “TechForce Champions,” whereby they will provide financial support to the charitable mission of TechForce Foundation.
  • CAWA will ask its members to become “TechForce Ambassadors," volunteering to speak in various venues regarding the need for a robust technician workforce.
  • CAWA will encourage its members to nominate technicians to TechForce to share their positive stories to inspire young people and their influencers, e.g. parents, school counselors, etc., regarding careers as technicians.
  • CAWA members will have access to TechForce’s resource center to assist them in promoting technician careers.
  • CAWA will assist TechForce and vice versa in building relationships with tech high schools and post-secondary programs.

Plans are underway to implement the principles of this new collaboration. For more information, contact or

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