Autonomy, EV Auto Partner to Expand Access to EVs

Autonomy, EV Auto Partner to Expand Access to EVs

Autonomy, an EV subscription company, is partnering with EV Auto, an EV-only car dealership located in Utah and expanding nationally, to expand access to affordable EV ownership in dealerships across the country, the companies announced in a news release.

A recent Deloitte study titled “The Future of Automotive Mobility” shows a shift in consumer preferences, with 43% of respondents between 18-24 years old expressing an interest in replacing traditional vehicle ownership in favor of a simplified subscription model, which offers a single monthly payment covering all aspects of the service.

“With interest rates skyrocketing, EV residual values being almost impossible to predict, and a sea change in how people think about owning vs. subscribing, now is the perfect time to support the dealer community through the subscription model,” said Scott Painter, founder and CEO of Autonomy. “It’s the third leg of the stool that gives dealers a way to serve and monetize customers who might not be the right fit for traditional loan and lease instruments.”

Through this partnership, EV Auto can serve a broader range of customers, including those who may not qualify for conventional loans or leases.

"Finding the perfect EV for our customers has always been at the core of EV Auto's values, and for some, that means we need a new way to do that," said Alex Lawrence, CEO and co-founder of EV Auto. "Our collaboration with Autonomy lets us serve customers who might otherwise have been turned away.”

The subscription package provided through Autonomy includes vehicle insurance, maintenance, wear and tear coverage and roadside assistance, simplifying the EV ownership experience, effectively reducing the potential barriers that customers might encounter when transitioning to electric mobility. EV Auto can deliver all of these things and more as a partner with Autonomy in providing vehicle delivery, service and support.

"Subscription is undoubtedly the future," said Georg Bauer, chairman and founder of Autonomy. "We’re excited to work alongside innovators like EV Auto to make EVs accessible to all. This is pivotal in our journey to disrupt the automotive industry.”

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