Tesla to Expand IT Facility, Install New Automation Equipment at Fremont

Tesla to Expand IT Facility, Install New Automation Equipment at Fremont

Tesla will expand the Information Technology (IT) building and install new automation equipment on production lines at the Fremont Factory in California, filings show.

Tesla filed to expand the IT buildings on the north end of the Fremont Factory property on March 29. The $1.5 million project will make the IT building larger and also upgrade the facility, according to filings with the City of Fremont.

Additionally, Tesla will make improvements to the production lines at the Fremont Factory by installing new MINO automation equipment. MINO is a China-based company that provides intelligent manufacturing solutions within the automotive industry. Tesla has been using MINO equipment for years, but it has also worked with companies like Ford, Geely, Volkswagen and General Motors since 2008.

Tesla has relied on automation for portions of the manufacturing lines at all of its factories for some time. Most automakers do, but Tesla has placed an emphasis on it for years and, at one point, relied so heavily on it CEO Elon Musk said the company overlooked the importance of humans on production lines.

The company recently installed automation equipment to ensure higher production quality on vehicles. The “Automatic Inspection System” will ensure vehicles have a proper fit and finish before making their way to customers for deliveries.

Rumors of the Fremont Factory expansion started to swirl last year, as it appeared Tesla was installing new concrete pads for potential growth in manufacturing space. Filings also showed Tesla was planning to at least add more room for production equipment to supplement the demand for its vehicles.

Tesla hasn’t made any considerable changes to the landscape of the Fremont Factory since these filings. Recent drone footage shows the automaker is more focused on supplementing production at the plant to support the end-of-quarter push that has been going on for the past several weeks.

Tesla purchased the Fremont Factory in 2010, and is the only plant to build all four of its currently manufactured vehicles.

We thank Teslarati for reprint permission.

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