Tesla Giga Texas Steps Towards Cybertruck Production with More Equipment Deliveries

Tesla Giga Texas Steps Towards Cybertruck Production with More Equipment Deliveries

To say Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas is a busy site these days would be an understatement.

Per recent images and footage taken of the facility, Tesla’s Austin factory continues to be abuzz with activity, from construction to vehicle production to the installation of IDRA’s Giga Press machines.

In December, based on aerial images taken of the facility, it was revealed some parts of the Cybertruck’s 9,000-ton Giga Press from IDRA had been delivered to the plant. Recent images from the complex suggest deliveries of Giga Press parts have not stopped since.

This was particularly evident in recent photos taken by longtime drone operator and Giga Texas observer Joe Tegtmeyer, who has been chronicling the progress of the EV plant since its earliest days. A large number of Giga Press parts from IDRA could be seen being delivered to the factory. The parts seem massive, at least based on the containers used to transport them.

The parts from IDRA are particularly exciting since they would most likely be used for the Cybertruck’s 9,000-ton Giga Press to produce the all-electric pickup truck’s rear underbody. CEO Elon Musk has said the Cybertruck would be using a single-piece rear megacast, similar to the Tesla Model Y. But since it is a much larger vehicle than the Model Y, it needs a larger machine than the crossover’s already-gigantic 6,000-ton Giga Press.

The drone operator also observed the pace of Giga Texas’ Model Y production appears to be increasing. A stream of the crossovers could be seen in photos around the facility. This is no surprise, especially considering Tesla is producing Model Ys with both 2170 cells and 4680 cells in Giga Texas.

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