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Spanesi Americas Equipment Provides Schultz Collision Center with Reliability, Accuracy

Chase Schultz and his business partner, Maddie Brown, opened Schultz Collision Center in May 2019.

by Autobody News Staff
May 24, 2023

Chase Schultz and the team at Schultz Collision Center often tell customers that no matter what damage their vehicle has, the Springfield, IL, collision center will take care of their needs, from dent removal to frame straightening.

Schultz began working in the collision industry as a senior in high school, sweeping floors in a body shop, and continued helping at different shops while attending college.

After graduating, he worked in an agrochemical company while doing auto body work out of his home garage. As business increased, he decided to focus on collision repair full time and opened Schultz Collision Center with his business partner, Maddie Brown, in May 2019.

Schultz Collision Center
Springfield, IL
Facebook: @schultzcollisioncenter
Instagram: @schultzcollisioncenter

Company At A Glance...
Type: Collision Repair
Facility Employees: 17
In Business Since: 2019
Number of Locations: One
Production Space: 7,200 square feet

Since the pandemic, Schultz said business has been non-stop and Schultz Collision Center has become a one-stop local solution for every vehicle owner in the area.

With a focus on providing personalized care where customer service is key, the shop’s employees take time to keep their customers notified about what is taking place throughout the repair process.

Schultz Collision Center, located in Springfield, IL, focuses on providing personalized care where customer service is key.

“If there are issues with their car or the insurance company, we usually let our customers know first to see what route we want to take,” Schultz said. “I like to say we work for the customers; we don’t work for the insurance companies.”

When the business opened, Schultz purchased some used frame equipment and found it wasn’t meeting the shop’s needs. He and his employees researched other options and really liked what they learned about Spanesi products.

After Schultz contacted the company, Robert Wells, sales specialist at Spanesi Americas, visited the facility and helped determine the equipment that would best fit the crew’s needs.

They demoed the Touch Electronic Measuring System and were impressed with the equipment’s ease and functionality.

“We went from using our old system, which took about three hours to measure a car after setting it up, and found we could do the same measurements within 20 minutes,” said Schultz. “By cutting down this time, we found we could be more productive and save about 10 to 12 hours each week, allowing us to repair more vehicles.”

With a strong focus on following OEM procedures, Schultz said the Touch Electronic Measuring System ensures the measurements are accurate and are 100% within spec.

“I am proud how Spanesi products are showing our clients record improvements in their productivity,” said Timothy Morgan, chief operating officer (COO) for Spanesi Americas. “It’s great to help customers grow and expand so quickly.”

Within the first week of using Spanesi products, Morgan said Schultz called and ordered more equipment because of the drastic change in workflow.

Although the shop repairs all makes and models of vehicles, it specializes in big trucks and vans. Schultz bought two Multibench Repair Workstations to perform minor to medium structural repair operations on vehicles. At the same time, the workstation allows for effortless ergonomic solutions to minimize technician fatigue.

The shop also purchased the six-meter 106 EXT Structural Repair Bench for longer, heavier vehicles up to 11,000 pounds. The pulling column can be mounted in 12 locations surrounding the bench, delivering 360-degree pulling capabilities around the car. The equipment has removable wheels so it can be moved throughout the facility.

With a strong focus on following OEM procedures, Schultz said Spanesi’s Touch Electronic Measuring System ensures the measurements are accurate and are 100% within spec.

“My team really likes using Spanesi’s state-of-the-art equipment and has found it is reliable and accurate,” said Schultz.

A safe and proper repair with attention to detail is Schultz Collision Center’s mantra and the standard it has set to achieve for every customer’s vehicle. Schultz said Spanesi equipment helps them achieve that.

Since first working with Spanesi, Schultz has been impressed with the company’s training and support. Each time new equipment was purchased, a representative came out to demonstrate the products and answer questions. Schultz employees have also traveled to Spanesi’s training facility in Chicago for more in-depth, hands-on education.

“Service and support after the sale is key to our relationships with clients,” said Morgan.

Schultz said when future equipment needs arise, whether it’s a paint booth or other tooling and equipment, Spanesi will be the first call.

“We’ve been able to depend on them for customer service and support,” he said. “If we ever need anything, they are right there, Johnny-on-the-spot.”

Spanesi Americas Inc.
224-SPANESI (224-772-6374)
Facebook: @spanesiamericas
Twitter: @spanesiamericas
Instagram: @spanesiamericas
LinkedIn: @spanesi-americas
YouTube: @spanesiamericas_official

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