Polyvance Introduces New Plastic Welding Rod Assortment Cases


Polyvance offers the industry's widest variety of plastic welding rods with 22 different material choices on offer, many with multiple profiles and colors available. 

One of Polyvance's most popular welding rod part numbers is the 5003-03 welding rod assortment case set, which includes the most commonly used plastics, like PP, LDPE and ABS.

But sometimes shops run into a bind when they need a less common rod, like ASA or PA+GF15, and they don't have it on hand to get the repair done. To help in such situations, Polyvance is announcing the availability of two new plastic welding rod assortments, the 5003-04 and 5003-05. Both kits include less common rod materials such as PPE+PS, PA and TPU.

The new welding rod assortments are clearly marked with their contents and snap shut to keep everything organized and clean. Suggested user price on each box is $74.95. These new products are available from paint jobbers across the U.S. and at www.polyvance.com.

Source: Polyvance

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