On The Lighter Side: Gas Monkey Garage Uncovers Some Rare Classics

On The Lighter Side: Gas Monkey Garage Uncovers Some Rare Classics

You might not even recognize this Lamborghini…

Gas Monkey garage has uncovered quite a few crazy cars of the classic variety over the years of operation. However, every now and then they come across a collection of more than just one beloved sports car. In this find, the crew managed to gather up a multitude of wildly iconic vintage cars for the adventure of a lifetime. So what exactly makes this particular collection so special?

First up, a car that catches many enthusiast eyes, the second generation Corvette. There’s a lot of debate over whether the split window or solid window version of the car is better. However the split window model simply cannot be beat in terms of its personality and how well it’s aged over the years. Truly it is a special sight to see but even more special is the Lamborghini Jamara, whose name might be quite foreign to the naked ear.

That probably has something to do with the fact that they only made 328-367 examples. Well the car might present a yellow exterior now, back in the day it came from the factory with a light green color.

It’s an odd one for sure and this Lamborghini certainly will take a lot of getting used to for anyone who doesn’t know about the car already. However it’s still in very interesting piece of Italian automotive history that should be celebrated and restored. Perhaps that’s exactly what the Gas Monkey Garage will end up doing, the only time will truly tell.

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