MotorTrend to Premiere All-New Series 'CUSTOM CAROLINA' Nov. 21


The new series features Tommy Pike Customs, a renowned automotive customization business located in South Carolina.

MotorTrend Group announced an all-new series, "CUSTOM CAROLINA," will premiere at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. CT Nov. 21 on MotorTrend TV and MotorTrend+. 

"CUSTOM CAROLINA" takes viewers on a journey inside Tommy Pike Customs, a renowned automotive customization business located in South Carolina. With enthralling car builds and jaw-dropping transformations, business owner Tommy Pike fulfills clients' automotive dreams, whether it's a high-end, top-dollar project or a more modest endeavor. Working alongside his wife, Stephanie, and a team of skilled artisans, Pike operates from an expansive 30,000-square-foot restoration shop, dedicated to crafting and customizing bespoke masterpieces.

Pike's passion for building cars began in his early teenage years, and he has since become a celebrated craftsman known for his award-winning SEMA builds. For more than two decades, he has worked tirelessly to establish a shop recognized for exceptional workmanship and warm Southern hospitality.

Throughout the series, Pike emphasizes the values of hard work, community engagement and support for the thriving car culture in the Southeast, all from his home base in Greenville, SC. Each episode of "CUSTOM CAROLINA" showcases Pike's unwavering commitment to his projects, making it a relatable and inspiring journey for the audience who will be wholeheartedly invested in his success.

In Pike's shop there is always a diverse range of vehicles under his care. Whether it's a late-'70s C-10, a classic '37 Dodge pickup or a brand-new Porsche, they all await the "Tommy Pike Treatment."

Notable vehicles featured in the first season include a 1967 C2 Corvette, 1974 Ford Bronco and 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS.

The series will air in one-hour blocks and will feature 12 episodes in its first season. MotorTrend is available on Prime Video Channels in the U.S., Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Chromecast and on the web. MotorTrend+ is available across iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

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