Mercedes-Benz USA Reports 2023 Q4, Full Year Sales Growth

The German automaker reported Q4 sales of 90,014 vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) released its sales report for the fourth quarter of 2023, revealing an increase in demand for its luxury and electric vehicles. The company's strategic focus on expanding its top-end vehicle (TEV) and electric vehicle (EV) offerings has paid off, with impressive sales figures underscoring the brand's market strength and customer appeal.

MBUSA reported sales of Mercedes-Benz passenger cars reached 72,313 units in Q4 2023. In addition, Mercedes-Benz vans contributed with 17,701 units, bringing the total vehicle sales for the quarter to 90,014.

For the full year, the TEV segment experienced a 15% rise in sales compared to 2022, selling a total of 94,391 units.

A significant highlight of the report is the 248% growth in EV sales in 2023, with a total of 43,202 vehicles sold. EVs now comprise 15% of total passenger car sales.

"Our 2023 sales results demonstrate another year of strong brand and volume growth for Mercedes-Benz USA," said Dimitris Psillakis, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA. He emphasized the company's focus on transforming the customer experience, both digitally and physically, and hinted at exciting upcoming launches, including the all-new E-Class, CLE, AMG GT and the G-Class with Electric Technology.

In the top-end segment, sales for Mercedes-AMG high-performance models soared by 22% in 2023, reaching 40,513 units. The GLS model saw a remarkable 131% increase in Q4 2023, with 7,552 units sold, and the fully electric EQS SUV posted an impressive 216% increase from the previous year.

The core segment also showed robust growth, with sales reaching 39,481 units in the quarter, marking a 14% increase from Q4 2022. The C-Class led this segment with a 25% increase in sales, totaling 32,698 units in 2023. The fully electric EQE Sedan also performed well, with sales increasing by 211% in Q4 2023.

Despite a slight 4% decrease in the entry segment, the CLA model experienced a 12% increase in sales, with 9,802 units sold in 2023. The fully electric EQB recorded a notable 446% increase in sales, reflecting the growing consumer interest in EVs.

MBUSA's van sales rose to 17,701 units in Q4 2023, a 14% increase from the same quarter last year. Year-to-date sales also increased by 8%, totaling 69,517 units. This growth comes as MBUSA prepares to launch the all-new eSprinter, the first fully electric van in North America from Mercedes-Benz USA.

In addition to new vehicle sales, Mercedes-Benz Certified Pre-Owned (MBCPO) models recorded sales of 137,518 vehicles for 2023, marking a 2% increase from 2022. This performance underscores the brand's strength in both new and pre-owned markets.

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