Media Industry Veteran Jim Savas Joins Spanesi Americas

Media Industry Veteran Jim Savas Joins Spanesi Americas

Spanesi Americas announced the addition of Savas Communications LLC Principal Jim Savas as a marketing consultant, to the Spanesi Americas team.

Savas will develop and execute Spanesi-Americas 2023 marketing strategy.

Savas is a seasoned automotive media professional championing iconic consumer brands including Hot Rod, Motor Trend and National Speed Sports News. On the trade side, he led ABRN, Motor Age and Aftermarket Business for 14 years. In Savas’s 40 plus years in the media, he’s successfully lead content teams, driven sale performance and executed marketing objectives.

“I’m very excited to join the Spanesi team, as a global company we’ve made the decision to be digitally focused on our marketing in 2023 and beyond," Savas said. "I'm Looking forward to working with our media partners and executing our strategy.”

“I am so excited to move forward with this plan," said Timothy Morgan, COO of Spanesi Americas. “Having worked well with Jim in media for almost 20 years, and now having him on my side is huge! Over the last 12 months, I have looked at our ROI on all marketing aspects and feel this direction will move Spanesi Americas forward for the next 10 years at least! Just completing our 10-year anniversary of the 'Spanesi Americas' project we are in position to gain more market share with our global brand."

Source: Spanesi Americas

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