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Launch Tech USA Scan Tools Now Feature Access to Nissan Security Gateway


Launch Tech USA proudly announces the unveiling of access to the Nissan Security Gateway, specifically tailored for Nissan Software version 44.70, through its distinguished X-431 professional line of scan tools, renowned for their precision and reliability akin to OEM standards. In 2021, Nissan introduced its own Secure Gateway Module (SGW), a cutting-edge measure to fortify vehicle security by enveloping onboard control modules within a protective "firewall." This security enhancement was implemented in Nissan vehicles such as the 2021 Sentra, 2021 Rogue and 2022 Pathfinder.


In a groundbreaking collaboration, Launch Tech USA has partnered with Nissan to enable independent technicians to harness the power of their Launch Tech USA X-431 professional diagnostic scan tools for secure diagnostics on Nissan vehicles. This includes a wide array of high-level diagnostic tasks including clearing DTCs, executing bi-directional functions, conducting calibrations, relearns, actuations and adjustments. This milestone extends across the vast expanse of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, ensuring coverage for technicians in the region. The integration of the Nissan software into Launch Tech USA's Throttle III version 7.02.036, Torque Link version 7.02.015, and Turbo III version 7.01.020 underscores the brand's unwavering commitment to providing cutting-edge tools to automotive professionals.

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Preparation for accessing the latest Nissan software updates is facilitated through a streamlined process, ensuring ease and efficiency for technicians. Upon logging in to their existing AutoAuth account, technicians can seamlessly navigate to the Shop Profiles section, where they can easily locate 'Nissan' within the designated middle section of the page. By selecting the 'Add/Reinstate Manufacturers' button, technicians can promptly unlock access to the Nissan Security Gateway. Additionally, registering for a new technician or shop account within AutoAuth is straightforward, as is the authentication process for Launch Scan Tool compatibility with the Secure Gateway Module (SGW).

In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, Launch Tech USA continues to redefine excellence, setting new benchmarks for the aftermarket industry. This groundbreaking collaboration between Launch Tech USA and Nissan signifies a monumental leap forward in automotive diagnostics. With access to the Nissan Security Gateway in Nissan's software version 44.70, automotive professionals can confidently navigate the intricacies of modern vehicle diagnostics, ensuring they securely address any issue that arises.

With its robust capability to clear DTCs and perform a wide range of bi-directional functions, Launch Tech USA's X-431 professional scan tools represent the pinnacle of precision and productivity for technicians. Since its establishment in 2003, Launch Tech USA has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. This dedication not only solidifies the company s position as pioneers in the automotive aftermarket industry, but also ensures that automotive professionals have access to reliable and cost-effective tools, thereby enhancing customer service and optimizing business efficiency.

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