Hunter’s Ultimate ADAS™ Now Approved by Nissan, Infiniti

The system uses gimbal-mounted lasers in place of traditional, less accurate methods to reduce setup time by as much as 70%.


Hunter Engineering's Ultimate ADAS™, its innovative system for eliminating error-prone manual layouts common to static ADAS calibrations, recently received approval from Nissan and Infiniti.

The OEMs join Honda and Acura, which approved it for use in their dealerships in 2023.

“It’s named Ultimate ADAS for a reason,” said Ryan Gerber, Hunter product specialist, ADAS. “It’s the fastest and most precise ADAS calibration system available.”

The system integrates Hunter’s proven alignment technology with an efficient, user-friendly guided target placement mechanism, ensuring comprehensive coverage around the vehicle. Its gimbal-mounted lasers replace traditional, less accurate methods like strings, plumb bobs and tape measures, reducing setup time by as much as 70% for certain procedures.

Hunter's award-winning WinAlign® software enhances this accuracy. The software's onscreen guidance and gimbals automatically adjust for non-level floors, monitor for placement errors, and confirm precision through laser measurements at every stage.

Moreover, Ultimate ADAS automates many labor-intensive manual adjustments, such as height, roll, pitch and yaw. This not only saves time but also increases the reliability of each calibration.

One of the most critical features of Ultimate ADAS is its documentation capability. The system provides detailed, easily understandable records of every procedure and target placement. This is particularly vital for customer satisfaction and insurance verification, as these records are readily accessible and printable via HunterNet® 2, Hunter’s customer portal.

Designed for convenience, Ultimate ADAS units are portable and come with compact packaging, making it easier to manage within the confines of a dealership's workshop.

“Calibrations aren’t necessarily difficult, but getting set up can be very time-consuming," Gerber said. "With this new system, techs won’t need to learn geometry on the fly with strings and plumb bobs, since the lasers will locate the precise spots almost instantly.”

In addition to enhancing calibration precision, Ultimate ADAS is a savvy investment for dealerships. As a Hunter wheel aligner, it starts delivering a return on investment from the day of installation.

Hunter Engineering's Ultimate ADAS is set to be showcased at NADA, Feb. 1-4 in Las Vegas. For more information, visit Hunter's website.

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