From One Generation to the Next, Idaho Body Shop Builds a Legacy

CARSTAR Hayden owner Greg Solesbee and family.

Following Father’s Day, CARSTAR is highlighting a family-focused facility that exemplifies what it means to be a member of the CARSTAR family.

CARSTAR Hayden, located at 1770 W. Hayden Avenue in the city of Hayden, ID, opened its doors in 2018 and has been positively impacting the community ever since. From stellar customer service to industry-leading collision repair, the CARSTAR Hayden team has been a staple for those in the area.

Greg Solesbee, owner of CARSTAR Hayden, comes from a long history of vehicle repair. As the youngest of seven, Solesbee grew up surrounded by the automotive industry. Now married with four kids of his own, Solesbee and his wife, Rachelle, set out to open their own collision repair facility.

“My dad actually started a collision repair business back in 1969, and there was a moment where his business almost failed,” said Solesbee. “So, I asked him what he thought, and when that next customer came in, he thought, ‘Oh boy.’ I asked him how he treated that customer and he told me, ‘Man, I treated them like gold.’ I grew up with that principle and incorporated it into my working style. At CARSTAR Hayden, we view our customers as gold and believe people should be treated as such. On top of car repair and making sure that the vehicle is repaired the way it should be, we also want to make sure the customer is treated the way they should be treated. Correct car repair is no accident here!”

Solesbee is continuing the legacy of family values and works alongside his son, Zachry, in the shop. Zachry is a parts extraordinaire and supports CARSTAR Hayden by logging, checking and verifying that the parts for repairs are accurate and performing at quality levels. His second oldest son, Colin, assisted with hands-on mechanical and diagnostics work before leaving for a mission trip.

“When working with your immediate family, there is a level of assumed trust,” said Solesbee. “You can count on them to show up and be present. However, well-explained expectations, goals and boundaries are all incredibly important to pay attention to. I always tell my children that because they hold the family name, they’re held to a higher standard for our community and our team.”

The entrepreneurial spirit also extends to the two youngest Solesbee children, Asher and Paisley, who assist with janitorial work, lawnmowing and car washing at the shop. Asher has a small business he calls Asher’s Eggs and has a team of 30 chickens who keep him busy. Most recently, Asher built and sold a chicken coop he made from recycled pallets. Paisley has her own business as well, Paisley’s Rocks, where she sells custom-painted rocks.

Their passion for resolving negativities in the repair process is felt throughout the Hayden community as evidenced by their nearly perfect online reviews. From employment to customer service and of course the repairs themselves, CARSTAR Hayden is here to expertly repair cars according to manufacturer standards and to create a positive environment while doing it.

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