Ford Sold Nearly 2M Vehicles in 2023 as EV and Hybrid Sales Surged

Ford maintained its spot as the No. 2 EV maker in the U.S. while also delivering strong sales of gas-powered vehicles.

Ford achieved an 18% and 25% growth in sales of EVs and hybrids, respectively.

Ford reported its total 2023 vehicle sales were up 7.1% over 2022, partially driven by an 18% and 25% growth in sales of EVs and hybrids, respectively.

The automaker sold 1,995,912 vehicles over the year as it continued to broaden consumers’ options, solidifying its leadership in gas vehicle lines with its best-selling trucks and vans, while also accelerating sales of its electric and hybrid vehicles to new records.

Ford’s EVs posted record Q4 sales to cap off a record year. Ford sold 25,937 EVs in Q4 (up 24% over Q3 sales) and 72,608 vehicles for the year. Growth came from America’s best-selling electric truck, F-150 Lightning (up 74% for Q4) and Mustang Mach-E sales of 40,771 for the year---up 3% for the year and its best year of sales since first launched in 2021.

Ford’s E-Transit was America’s best-selling electric van nameplate in 2023 on sales of 7,672---up 18% over 2022.

“In a year of challenges, from a labor strike to supply issues, our amazing lineup of gas, electric and hybrid vehicles and our fantastic dealers delivered solid growth and momentum. We have the products that customers want,” said Jim Farley, Ford president and CEO. “I am especially proud Ford remained the No. 2 EV brand in America and our next-gen, digitally advanced new EVs are on the way.

“Now we are spring-loaded for 2024 with new versions coming of our most popular trucks and SUVs, a full year of new Super Duty and Mustang, and a big year for Lincoln.”

Total Ford hybrid sales accelerated at year’s end with record Q4 sales of 37,229 vehicles, up 55%. Ford has both the first and second best-selling hybrid trucks in America, with Maverick Hybrid sales totaling 52,361 trucks, a 67% gain and more than half of Maverick’s total sales in 2023. Total Maverick sales were up 26.5%. The F-150 Hybrid posted sales gains of 41% over a year ago on 2023 sales of 50,103.

Ford America’s Truck Leader

For the 47th year in a row, Ford F-Series was America’s best-selling truck, and America’s best-selling vehicle for the 42nd year in a row. It’s a streak that spans four generations and has lasted longer than the entire lifespan of many other popular consumer products. In addition, the Ford F-150 Lightning was the No. 1 selling electric truck and the F-150 Hybrid the No. 1 selling full-size hybrid truck for 2023. In total, 750,789 customers chose a new Ford F-Series truck in 2023.

Ford again was the No. 1 selling truck manufacturer for Q4 and for full year 2023, providing customers what they want with electric, hybrid or gas-powered trucks. Ford sold 1,081,777 trucks and vans in 2023---up 13% and outselling the second place’s total pickup and van sales by more than 65,000 for the year.

“Ford has the vehicle a customer wants---that has been key to our success in 2023, with our continued dominance in trucks and SUVs. We saw strong gains coming from gas-powered vehicles and record setting sales for our hybrid and electric vehicles,” said Andrew Frick, president, Ford Blue.  “Customers know they get choice when they come to Ford. None of our competitors offer the powertrain choices that Ford has become known for in trucks. And it will continue with the launch of the new F-150 later this month.”

Ford F-Series expanded its lead in 2023, on sales of 750,789---up 15% over the previous year and outselling second place Silverado by about 200,000 trucks. Gas- and diesel-powered F-Series sales were up 12%, while top selling F-150 Lightning and F-150 Hybrid achieved record sales for the year---up 55 and 41%, respectively.

Ford and Lincoln SUVs posted strong sales in 2023---Bronco Family (up 8%), Edge (up 24%) and Expedition (up 18%). For the year, Lincoln Navigator sales expanded 33% on sales of 17,549. Lincoln SUVs closed the quarter up 9% on the strength of Aviator (up 11%) and Nautilus (up 42%).

Ford Pro Commercial Sales Success

The Ford Transit van was America’s No. 1 selling commercial van. Ford’s commercial vans have been a source of strength through the entire year marking 45 straight years of commercial van leadership, with sales up 21% in 2023 on sales of 190,016 vans. Transit van sales climbed 30% on sales of 129,009 for the year. Ford E-Series vans increased 34% this year on sales of 42,957 cutaway vans. 

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