Ford Ordered to Pay Colorado Springs Woman $45 Million in Civil Lawsuit

The plaintiff was injured when her 1998 Ford Expedition rolled over her leg after she thought she put it in park.


A federal jury in Colorado Springs, CO, on April 17 awarded Lorelle Thompson $45 million in punitive damages in a personal injury lawsuit against Ford Motor Company, according to FOX 21.

The verdict was the highest in Colorado Springs history, surpassing the previous record of $33 million set in 2019.

The case stemmed from an incident on Dec. 27, 2016, involving a 1998 Ford Expedition. Thompson suffered severe injuries when her vehicle unexpectedly rolled over her leg while she believed it was parked. According to the Buzbee Law Firm, representing Thompson, this mishap was due to a known defect in the SUV’s shifting mechanism, which Ford had allegedly failed to address since as early as 1980.

“We had said all along that this vehicle was defective,” said Tony Buzbee, lead counsel for Thompson. “Ford Motor Company fought us tooth and nail trying to deny what was obvious. I am very appreciative of the jury system and this jury. They definitely got it right.”

The law firm said Thompson endured a double fracture in her left leg along with extensive muscle and nerve damage, a direct result of what experts referred to as a "false park" situation.

The case was tried over a week and two days.

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