Ed Attanasio - Columnist Testimonial

Ed Attanasio - Columnist Testimonial

We asked Autobody News Columnist Ed Attanasio why he enjoys writing for the collision repair industry.

He made a short video explaining why he loves this industry and writing for our publication.

“I’ve been a professional writer for 40 years and have reported about the collision repair industry for the past 15 years. I enjoy writing about an industry that is literally changing every day and led by inspirational people with amazing ideas and interesting viewpoints. New technology is leading the way and today’s vehicles are demanding new repair processes, so I’m delighted to be writing for Autobody News and to be associated with this industry during this exciting time in the world of collision repair.” – Ed Attanasio.

Ed is an automotive journalist based in San Francisco. Ed enjoys sports of all kinds and is a part time stand-up comedian. He can be reached at era39@aol.com.

Ed Attanasio

Ed Attanasio is an automotive journalist and Autobody News columnist based in San Francisco.

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