Driver Says Oklahoma Shop’s Repair Left Car Undrivable

A second mechanic said the first one appeared to have misused tools and performed unnecessary dismantling.


A routine trip to an auto repair shop turned into a nightmare for Cassie Beeson, who told KFOR News 4 her Ford Focus was left undrivable after Five Star Automotive and Exhaust in Shawnee, OK, performed more work than she authorized.

Beeson's initial visit to the shop, led by owner Roger Channon, was to replace a timing chain, a task she was told would take no more than a week and cost $700.

However, as the days turned into weeks, Beeson's optimism faded. Despite being told her car was fixed and merely awaiting cleaning, the narrative took a turn when Channon later claimed the entire engine needed replacing, quoting an additional $1,800 to $2,000 for the work. Beeson retrieved her vehicle, only to learn from another mechanic the engine was indeed compromised due to what appeared to be an excessive dismantling and potential misuse of tools by Channon.

Channon's defense was that upon discovering oil sludge and various engine codes indicating synchronization issues, he felt compelled to conduct further disassembly and cleaning without intending to charge Beeson extra. Beeson's new mechanic contested the presence of significant oil sludge and noted a trend of vehicles from Channon's shop arriving in worsened conditions.

The ordeal culminated in Beeson receiving a partial refund of $400 from the initial $700 payment, with Channon citing expenses on parts, the receipts for which were allegedly lost to theft from his truck---an incident he attributed to his own oversight during adverse weather conditions.

Beeson, now without a reliable vehicle for her medical appointments and wary of further financial strain, shared her experience as a cautionary tale, urging car owners to thoroughly vet their mechanics to avoid similar predicaments.

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