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Induction Innovations has brought the original induction heat technology to the automotive aftermarket industry with the Mini-Ductor® series. Tom Gough, President of Induction Innovations, and the original inventor of the handheld induction heater, forever changed how automotive techs free up rusted, bonded, and corroded components.

Since 2004, we have brought four different generations of the Mini-Ductor® to the automotive aftermarket industry. From our original Mini-Ductor® to our latest cutting-edge model of the Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP, we are firmly established as the trendsetters for removing components without having to risk the use of an open flame or chemicals.

The Evolution of Mini-Ductor®

From the beginning, Induction Innovations has revolutionized induction heating tools for the automotive aftermarket industry. We consistently lead the way in induction heating technology, culminating in our prestigious Mini-Ductor® Series.

1. Mini-Ductor® MD-600 (2004-2012) — Our pioneering model set the pace. Introduced in 2004, it provided techs a taste of the revolution to come.
2. Mini-Ductor® II (2009) — A leap forward with the upgraded Mini-Ductor® II boasted a more robust design, readily available parts, and safety certification.

3. Mini-Ductor® Venom® (2016) — Takes ergonomics to the next level. Weighing in under 3 lbs., this model was the lightest handheld induction heater on the market. With a patented twist lock design, our model is streamlined and functional. The first three generations of the Mini-Ductor® run on 1000 watts, allowing it to heat most applications quickly without worrying about collateral damage.

4. Mini-Ductor® Venom® HP (2020) — Power redefined. Packing a hefty 1800-watt punch, this latest release can quickly heat a bolt in 3-5 seconds, making work more efficient and faster.

Venom HP

Why Mini is Better

Induction Innovations’ Mini-Ductor® series was meant to free up components quickly using induction heat. When applied to ferrous metals such as iron and steel, an eddy current heats them within a mere 3-15 seconds. Our products leverage this by exciting the molecules, harnessing the resistance they emit to rapidly heat applications to free them up.

With the Mini-Ductor® series, you can tackle challenges like Loctite, rust, and more. Seized components are quickly freed up, saving time and frustration. Our Mini-Ductor® line is designed to help techs cut down on ticket times and say “Forget the Torch!”

The Bottom Line

At Induction Innovations, we’re not just vendors; we’re trailblazers — and give you precision, safety, and heat all without the flame. As the original innovators, we see the handheld induction heater as both a technological marvel and a practical utility. Try any of the superior Mini-Ductor® series for safe, reliable, and precise heat, when and where you need it. You’ll be amazed! Join the evolution and see where we leap forward next.

For more information visit us at www.theinductor.com or give us a call at 877-688-9633.

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