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Cost-Effective OEM Quality: Inside Car-Rep’s 2K Game Changer



Ever wish you could do OEM quality spot repair without the need to mix or activate 2K and waste expensive materials? Dream no longer, Car-Rep’s revolutionary Wise 2K® aerosol paint technology delivers a 2-component smart repair solution requiring no activation or mixing. More importantly, and unlike the traditional 2K systems it offers a revolutionary unlimited pot life. This isn’t just good news for waste reduction; it’s a game changer in expediting your workflow and reducing material costs while achieving OEM quality results.

How Does it Work?

Car-Rep’s patented Wise 2K® technology features a deactivated hardener and the resin packed in the same compartment. The 2K reaction happens when the product is sprayed: first the hardener activates when it meets humidity in the air and second, the components crosslink. With no reaction in the can you can use all the contents without the worry of product waste. Car-Rep’s 2K Smart Repair System feature both epoxy and polyurethane technologies, and create a great opportunity to eliminate 1K aerosols which do not meet OEM performance standards.

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Meeting OEM Quality Standards for Corrosion Resistance with Car-Rep® 2K Epoxy eCoats and Primer Sealers

“You must apply 2K epoxy to all bare metal surfaces prior to applying any seam sealer, body filler, or other refinishing products,” mandates Honda similar to all OEMs. Car-Rep 2K Epoxy Primer Sealers and eCoats provide optimal corrosion protection and adhesion. They are ideal for use on any bare metal (exterior skin or inner structures), between spot welded panels (Weld Thru), as a sealer before base coat or urethane primer as well as under seam sealers and body fillers.Since sanding is not needed and recoat window is 48 hours Car-Rep® 2K epoxies are ideal for reducing booth bottle necks and maximizing efficiency in shop operations without sacrificing OEM quality.

As the first and only 2K epoxy aerosol eCoats Car-Rep® 2K truly deliver the performance to match the original factory ecoating. Available in 5 original manufacturer colors and sheen these eCoats are like powder coating in the can and make it possible to do fast spot repairs on the shop floor without sacrificing quality or value.

Featured in the builds of John Wargo at SEMA 2022 and 2023 Car-Rep® 2K Epoxy DTM Top Coats are quickly becoming the top choice for custom builders and painters. With single stage application on practically all substrates these 2K epoxies are ideal for chassis refreshments, engine bays and suspension parts as well as replacing 1K trim paints in a single-stage application. Car-Rep 2K top coats make it easy to achieve scratch, corrosion, chemical and UV resistance with strong adhesion.

Still using 1K Clear for spot repair or quick check for spray outs? Car-Rep 2K Polyurethane Clear Coat with unlimited potlife delivers a professional and realistic solution for spray out cards, small parts, door jambs, mirror covers, headlight restoration and more.

Boosting Shop Efficiency

Car-Rep®’s 2K Smart Repair System transforms collision repair shops for the better. The advanced solution contributes to a more efficient workflow, allowing for less expensive, quicker and more effective repair completion. This increase in efficiency doesn’t just mean happier customers due to faster service; it also means a higher volume of jobs completed without compromising on quality.

To learn more about Car-Rep’s 2k Game Changer, visit www.car-rep.com.


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