Collision Vision Podcast: ADAS and Industry Impacts with Greg Peeters

Peeters, the CEO of Car ADAS Solutions, spoke about the critical juncture at which the collision repair industry stands today.


As the host of the Collision Vision podcast, Cole Strandberg recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Greg Peeters, CEO of Car ADAS Solutions, to explore a topic that's rapidly transforming the automotive industry: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS. The conversation was not only enlightening but also underscored the critical juncture at which the collision repair industry stands today.

Episode Overview

ADAS technology is a significant leap forward in vehicle safety. In their discussion, Peeters shed light on ADAS as a complex network of sensors that collect and process data to prevent accidents. With these systems rapidly advancing, it's crucial for industry professionals to stay abreast of the changes.

The importance of ADAS is profound. These systems lead the way into a new age of automotive safety, and as they become more common, the collision repair industry must adapt accordingly. The proper functioning of ADAS is not just about convenience; it's about saving lives. This led to the core of their conversation: the necessity of calibration.

Peeters said the calibration of ADAS sensors is an essential part of vehicle repair. Even a minor misalignment can have severe consequences, placing the precision of these systems at the forefront of priorities. For collision repair shops, this means setting new standards and incorporating calibration into their workflows.

The challenges are significant. Shops need to invest in appropriate equipment and training to manage ADAS calibration internally. Peeters' insights into the investment required were revealing, emphasizing not only the financial aspect but also the potential for a substantial return on investment. A solid business plan is critical for those aiming to thrive in this emerging market.

As the conversation explored the evolution of Car ADAS Solutions, Peeters described how the company is leading the charge in industry innovation. By offering comprehensive ADAS calibration services, Car ADAS Solutions is more than a business; it's a partner to collision repair shops facing the intricacies of ADAS technology. Their mission is to enable the industry to establish successful calibration operations.

The dialogue eventually shifted to the future of ADAS technology and its impact on the industry. Peeters' views on the necessity for industry standards and adherence to OEM procedures served as a reminder of the continuous advancement of automotive technology. The prospect of ADAS calibration becoming a mandatory part of vehicle licensing and safety certifications looms, indicating a major transformation in industry practices.

Peeters' three key takeaways provided an apt summary of their discussion:

1. The demand for ADAS services is on the rise, offering a promising opportunity for industry professionals.
2. Venturing into the ADAS market requires a commitment to doing things correctly, focusing on suitable facilities, equipment, technology, documentation and training.
3. The industry and safety systems are in a state of constant evolution, demanding a dedication to staying informed and making use of available resources.

Peeters' final words, "take care," echoed as a reminder of the diligence required in their work and the protection that ADAS technology offers on the roads.

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