CCC, Sfara Announce Partnership to Help Insurers Connect Accident Data to Claims


CCC Intelligent Solutions and Sfara, a leader in smartphone-based collision detection and personal safety technology, announced Oct. 24 the companies will work together to accelerate claims management.

Insurance customers of the two companies will be able to seamlessly connect Sfara's mobile crash detection data with CCC's claims management solutions, improving and speeding claims outcomes.

CCC works with more than 300 U.S. auto insurers, including 18 of the top 20 carriers, powering better claims experiences for millions of drivers annually.

"We are excited to work with CCC to help our shared insurance customers maximize the value of collision detection data by expanding its use across the claims process," said Erik Goldman, CEO, Sfara. "Sfara's technology provides near-immediate detection of accidents, including those at ultra-low speeds, while minimizing false positives. Working with CCC will help us seamlessly pass this timely, comprehensive view of an auto accident to the insurance industry at scale, enabling insurers to initiate and inform a number of activities and decisions across the claims process."

CCC will ingest Sfara's accident intelligence data via its CCC Cloud and derive elements including point of impact, direction of force and other pertinent telematics data that will accelerate and enhance its services. Participating customers can then leverage that data through CCC's software-driven workflows, powering auto physical damage and casualty claims, and supporting the customer’s ability to estimate damage severity, schedule timely repairs, and beyond, creating more straight-through experiences for drivers and insurers. In addition, accident data could also inform potential likelihood of fraud and crash reconstruction.

"Understanding the facts of an accident immediately following the event can help insurers make more timely decisions that ultimately impact policyholder satisfaction and claims costs," said Marc Fredman, chief strategy officer, CCC. "Sfara is a proven provider of collision detection services. We're excited to welcome them to CCC's network and we look forward to helping our shared customers seamlessly apply accident intelligence throughout their claims processes, advancing their efforts to achieve straight-through processing."

The CCC Cloud connects a network of 30,000 companies across the P&C Insurance economy, including auto insurers, collision repairers, car manufacturers, parts suppliers, lenders and more.

To learn more about telematics-enabled claims, visit the website.

Source: CCC

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