CCC ONE Now Includes Customer Data Privacy Feature

Collision repairers can remove sensitive data before sharing with third party partners.

The new feature provides repairers with the ability to redact the last six digits of a VIN and other personally identifiable information. Image via Shutterstock.

CCC Intelligent Solutions Inc. announced Jan. 16 the availability of an enhanced data security feature for collision repairers writing estimates on The new feature provides repairers with the ability to redact the last six digits of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), including first and last name, address, city, state, ZIP code, phone and email, prior to sharing estimate information via EMS export.

“Data security is a real concern for the collision repair industry as repair facilities face the risk of sensitive information being shared with third parties without their consent or knowledge,” said Dan Risley, vice president, quality repair and market development at CCC Intelligent Solutions. “By empowering repairers to redact sensitive data, we aim to help our collision repair customers protect their customers’ information while simultaneously enabling them to provide necessary information to do business with their third-party partners. This new feature is the latest offering in our long-standing commitment to support repairers in navigating the evolving landscape of data privacy and security challenges.”

CCC ONE customers can enable the new data security feature when creating estimates on as well as configure their system by Direct Repair Partner (DRP). The last six digits of the VIN, while specific to each vehicle, are often unnecessary for repairers to conduct business with vendors. This update provides repairers the ability to further minimize the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive vehicle details and customer information without impacting essential business functions such as parts sourcing.

“Safeguarding my customers’ information and ensuring it doesn’t get into the wrong hands is a top priority,” said Darrell Amberson, president of operations at LaMettry’s Collision and former chair of the Collision Industry Conference (CIC). “Thanks to CCC, repair facilities now have a crucial tool to redact sensitive data before sharing, allowing better customer protection and estimate integrity."

In addition to the new data privacy feature, CCC continues to support CCC Secure Share. Secure Share makes it possible for repairers to easily share encrypted data from the CCC ONE platform using the CIECA BMS standard in real-time with any company that has registered its app in Secure Share. Today more than 40 unique companies use CCC Secure Share to connect to repairers using CCC ONE.

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