Car ADAS Solutions, TechForce Foundation Partner

Car ADAS Solutions donated $1,500 to support the foundation's mission to develop the technician workforce.

The nonprofit helps students from more than 902 schools nationwide find a technical education and career that fits. Image courtesy of the TechForce Foundation.

Car ADAS Solutions announced a partnership with TechForce Foundation, a nonprofit committed to the career exploration and workforce development of professional technicians in all sectors, including automotive.

As part of its partnership, Car ADAS Solutions donated $1,500 to the foundation to become a TechForce Champion, a small business that supports the foundation’s mission of helping students get educated and find careers as professional technicians.

“The technician shortage is not going to be overcome by one solution,” said Greg Peeters, CEO of Car ADAS Solutions. “Providing innovative solutions to attracting new people into the automotive sector should be applauded. It’s just fantastic.”

Peeters said they are finding the ADAS calibration industry is attracting a new segment of people who wouldn’t have otherwise been interested in automotive work.

“It’s important for Car ADAS Solutions to support organizations like TechForce Foundation, which is helping to bring people to our industry and providing a career path for them,” he said.

“Car ADAS is a wonderful example of a business donating to support our cause,” said Jennifer Maher, CEO of TechForce Foundation. “They invited us to speak at their annual conference, helping us spread the word about our existence while also donating video footage and imagery that enables us to tell the story of the advancing technology in cars today.”

Maher said future techs are excited about emerging technologies and encourages the industry to help support the organization and convey the opportunities available.

“Partners like Car ADAS Solutions demonstrate the power of collaboration and that there are many ways to help above and beyond writing a check,” she added.

As an annual contributor, Maher said Car ADAS Solutions can wear the TechForce Champion badge that connotes the company's respect for techs. In addition, the company is able to post apprenticeships and tech jobs in TechForce’s online community of technicians, receives advance notice and rights to leverage the foundation’s Techs Rock Awards and Grab the Wheel campaigns, and is encouraged to engage its employees in local, grassroots events with schools and students.

“Young people deserve to find an education and career that fits. Not every student wants to attend a four-year university. For those who love problem-solving, technology and working with their hands, the automotive technician career offers incredible opportunities,” said Maher.

Established in 2005, TechForce began operating in 2007 as the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Foundation. For the first eight years, it existed as a scholarship and grant organization, supporting financially-disadvantaged students who chose to attend a UTI campus. In 2014, the charity’s Board of Directors elected to expand its mission to do more to solve the technician shortage and support students everywhere.

In 2016, the organization changed its name to TechForce Foundation, expanded its scholarships to support students attending any post-secondary technical program, and entered into strategic alliances to fuel career exploration and workforce development for students starting in middle school and high school. Today, TechForce helps students from more than 902 schools nationwide find a technical education and career that fits.

“We are passionate about educating young people about the technician career and connecting aspiring techs with the resources and support they need to get trained and into jobs,” said Maher.

TechForce is funded entirely by charitable contributions. Donations are used to provide scholarships and grants, as well as host local student experiences where they can see and touch emerging technology and build a network of relationships. Contributions are also allocated toward marketing that educates and inspires people about career opportunities and to host TechForce, an online career hub and community for technicians.

Maher said a donation of $1,000 a year can help keep two more techs in school so they can come to work for the industry.

“The industry desperately needs a qualified technician workforce, and the shortage is crippling,” noted Maher. “We need everyone to play a role in the lives of future techs to keep America rolling. Investing in TechForce can help provide the workforce industry our society needs.”

For more information about the TechForce Foundation, visit To become a TechForce Champion, contact

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