BendPak Unveils Eight-Armed Car Lift at NADA Expo

The Octa-Flex™ improves technician productivity, convenience and ergonomics.


BendPak Inc. announced the introduction of its Octa-Flex™ system, an innovative design featuring a unique combination of triple-telescoping swing arms and integrated lift-assist arms---the first time a two-post lift series boasts eight fully adjustable, telescoping arms.

Traditional two-post lifts are limited in their functionality, but Octa-Flex opens up new possibilities for auto technicians. For instance, it simplifies complex tasks such as cab-off repairs, which previously required additional equipment or manpower. The system’s primary lift arms securely hold the vehicle in place, while the Octa-Flex lift-assist arms provide critical support for handling heavy vehicle components like EV battery packs and drivetrains---streamlining workflow while reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

“Octa-Flex lift-assist arms act like that second set of hands you wish you had when you need to remove a 1,200-pound EV battery or wrestle 100-pound wheels and tires off a truck," said BendPak President and CEO Jeff Kritzer. "Now you don’t have to ‘put your back into it’ or grab a buddy. Our Octa-Flex lifts will help technicians get more work done with less physical effort and strain.”

The Octa-Flex system doesn't just excel in its assist arms. Its primary lifting arms are also innovative, extending and retracting further than any others in the market. This feature, coupled with a lower profile and dropped-end pad receiver, enables easy access to a broad range of vehicle lifting points, including those on low-slung sports cars or electric vehicles.

Safety is a paramount concern in any lifting system, and the Octa-Flex model addresses this with its Automatic Swing Arm Restraint System (ASARS). This system offers double the holding grip of traditional systems, with 360 degrees of forged steel teeth that can withstand more than 2,000 pounds of side force. It requires minimal operator input while ensuring maximum safety.

Designed for convenience and durability, the Octa-Flex concept is a clear-floor model that maximizes workspace. It features single-piece columns for enhanced strength, maintenance-free ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene load bearings, extended lift carriages, and robust hydraulic cylinders.

The Octa-Flex Series lifts come with BendPak’s Bi-Metric reversible swing arms, allowing the operator to configure the lift in either symmetric or asymmetric configurations. This adaptability ensures the Octa-Flex system can accommodate a wide variety of vehicle types and sizes.

BendPak is committed to continuously improving the Octa-Flex concept, with a global launch of models supporting 10,000- and 12,000-pound capacities expected in fall 2024.

For a firsthand experience of the Octa-Flex innovation, visit BendPak's booth at the NADA Expo in Las Vegas, or explore more at

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