Autonomous Robots Revolutionize Hyundai Transys' Alabama Plant

The robots are assigned operations that will enhance efficiency and reduce the burden of repetitive tasks on human workers.


THIRA ROBOTICS, a South Korean developer of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), announced Hyundai Transys, an automotive parts subsidiary of the Hyundai Motor Group, has implemented THIRA's cutting-edge AMRs at its Alabama factory.

THIRA ROBOTICS, a subsidiary of THiRA-UTECH, selected Alabama for its first U.S. implementation site following a successful pilot project. The decision comes amidst a growing need for automation solutions in the state, driven by local efforts to repatriate manufacturing jobs and tackle the challenges of labor shortages and mass layoffs in the sector.

"Owners and engineers at brownfield warehouses and factories can now save money on floor improvement and invest in automation, solving labor shortages that prevent them from meeting market demand," said Peter Kim, CEO of THIRA ROBOTICS. This approach allows for cost-effective automation without the hefty expense of retrofitting existing facilities.

The T300 units, THIRA's flagship AMRs, play a pivotal role in the factory's operations, tasked with transporting carts to the production line and retrieving them after unloading---enhancing efficiency and reducing the burden of repetitive tasks on human workers. This collaboration between robots and humans is pivotal in boosting employee productivity and supporting production lines during times of labor scarcity.

A representative from HYUNDAI TRANSYS lauded the integration, noting, "After the introduction, we can perform other tasks without worrying about transporting carts. It is convenient to be able to transport products easily."

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