Autel Energy Releases Newest EV Charger, the MaxiCharger AC Ultra


Autel Energy is announcing the availability of its newest EV charger, the MaxiCharger AC Ultra, now in stock in North America.

With an elegant aesthetic, this charger has been designed, engineered and tested to exceed commercial-grade reliability and durability. The AC Ultra, with its dual charging ports, multiple network capabilities, robust all-weather resistance and 8-inch advertising-ready touchscreen, is the ideal EV charging solution for any commercial environment.

"The AC Ultra is an EV game changer. With high power and performance this charger will work when you need it to work," said Kelvin Cao, vice president of global marketing. "It will charge two vehicles simultaneously, each at 19.2 kilowatts of AC power, an innovation that makes Autel the undisputed leader in electric vehicle charging solutions."

The AC Ultra is OCPP compliant, featuring an 8-inch LCD touchscreen, a pedestal and a charging cable management system.

Enhanced Business Opportunities

The AC Ultra offers businesses an array of revenue-generating opportunities via Autel's cloud-based portal, including the ability to provide charge rate discounts based on customer profiles (first-time or loyal users) and driver groups (taxi or ride-hailing service drivers), and the ability to monetize programmatic advertising.

The applications are limitless: fleets, schools, apartments, parking lot owners and housing associations can easily use the Autel Cloud to set driver groups, choosing when to monetize and whether to charge guests or to provide free or discount charging.

Multiple Charging Methods for Multiple Customer Types

The AC Ultra comes complete with a full-feature payment system with numerous payment options, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, ensuring a seamless payment process for every user. In addition, the AC Ultra can be set-up to transact using an RFID card. With this feature a business can give select users or customers an RFID-enabled loyalty or employee cards as a perk for a quick and secure charging method. Using the Autel Charge app, customers can add and replenish funds as needed.

Restaurants, employers, apartment complexes, condominium associations and car dealerships are among the many businesses that find this as a useful incentive and/or marketing option. Drivers can also link their credit cards in the Autel Charge app and activate and pay for a charging session by scanning the QR code displayed on the Ultra touchscreen.

Advanced Cable Management Keeps Cables off the Ground

The built-in cable management system helps keep your operation organized, clean and safe, encouraging users to replace the charging cable to its proper holder, keeping cables off the ground and helping to avoid cable damage.

Powerful Connectivity Options

The MaxiCharger AC Ultra offers Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth and ethernet capability. Wi-Fi allows for hotspot sharing between chargers that are linked in a network allowing a group of chargers to communicate and share critical information. Wi-Fi, 4G and ethernet connectivity options allow you to choose how to connect your chargers while providing over-the-air software updates keeping your charger network up to date and future-proof.

The MaxiCharger AC Ultra's Bluetooth capability enables close-distance communication between the app and charger, activating smart features such as power-sharing settings and RFID card pairing.

Engaging 8-inch Touchscreen

The 8-inch touchscreen allows businesses to engage with customers with branded videos or slideshows, or earn added revenue by allowing other companies to promote their products or services with promotional videos. The IK10 interactive LCD screen displays charging data such as cost, power, kilowatt-hours consumed and total charging session time in multiple languages.

Designed for Any Weather

The NEMA 3R-rated enclosure houses and protects the unit's electrical components in inclement weather. This weather-proof enclosure is resistant to rain, ice, snow, dirt, dust, sand and other extreme weather conditions, with a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 55 degrees Celsius. Autel also built the AC Ultra's charging cable and connector to withstand drops even when subjected to extreme temperatures.

Source: Autel Energy

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