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Storms across Texas and Oklahoma wreaked havoc on the states with tornadoes and large hail; damages are still being calculated.

Hurricane Ike blew into the Houston area, in September, 2008, with a fury that destroyed buildings and devastated dreams throughout the city. Bear Creek CSI, Inc., a respected auto body repair business, was hit particularly hard…8 car bays were totally demolished and walls of the structure crashed down on various cars, battering them as well. At first glance it appeared as if it might be months before work resumed, if at all.

Though total damages reached $750,000, General Manager Trey Perdue had the facility back up and running, with the help of generators, two days after the disaster. And far from a death knell, the Category 4 storm gave Bear Creek CSI, Inc., the determination to rebuild even bigger and better than before.

An east El Paso body shop is facing serious allegations of lying to customers, according to a lawsuit filed by the Texas state attorney general and the El Paso County Attorney’s Office.

The suit alleges Jacob’s Body Shop, previously known as Gemini’s Body Shop, and its owner Veronica Quiroz took money for repairs promising new parts had been installed. According to the suit, subsequent inspections revealed that on various occasions the parts actually were used and second-hand.“If you're driving with parts that already have 200,000 miles on them or have been used extensively, sure, it could be a safety issues," said Ralph Girvin, an assistant El Paso county attorney.In at least one case, an inspection revealed the car in question was not deemed unsafe to drive. The suit is requesting up to $20,000 per incident from Quiroz.

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Friday, 29 January 2010 13:46

LA, TX, and FL Home Insurance Rates

Louisiana remains the third most expensive homeowners insurance market in the nation behind Florida and Texas, according to newly released data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Dallas News is reporting that the recession cut deeply into local new car and truck sales last year, which fell a dramatic 29.9 percent – one of the steepest declines in decades. All four major counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth area reported drops of at least 25 percent in new vehicle sales from 2008 levels, according to The Freeman Metroplex Recap of new vehicle sales, released Jan 20.

With a track record of more than 50 years carrying a huge inventory of auto paint, equipment and related accessories, as well as every mechanical part imaginable, O’Reilly Automotive, Inc. is spreading throughout the country and expanding its network of stores at a phenomenal rate. In 2008, O’Reilly completed the biggest acquisition in the company’s history with the purchase of CSK Auto. This and past acquisitions have made O’Reilly one of the top three auto parts chains in the country.