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Mercedes-Benz Mars Red Paint Defect Lawsuit Filed

Written by David A. Wood, CarComplaints.com


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A Mercedes-Benz Mars Red paint defect lawsuit alleges the clear coat is prone to peeling, bubbling and flaking in models built between 2004 and 2017.


Mars Red, also known as Fire Opal, is a paint manufactured by PPG Industries that identifies the color by paint code 905264, while Mercedes identifies the color by paint code 590.


Vehicles included in the proposed class-action lawsuit include any Mercedes-Benz vehicle with a label on the driver-side door jamb that references Mars Red paint code 590.


The lawsuit alleges Mercedes knew the paint was prone to peel and bubble but continued to paint vehicles with the PPG product.


The plaintiffs, Robert Ponzio, Karina Kloczko, Jessica Irene Miller, Thomas Hayes, Alex Acuna, Brian Madsen, Vanessa M. Montgomery, Robert Mull, Hadiya Nelthrope and Samuel Salgado, all claim they have lost money or vehicle value because of the defective Mars Red paint.


Once the paint starts peeling, flaking and bubbling, the vehicles are exposed to rust and corrosion that not only makes the vehicles look lousy, but require owners to spend great sums of money on repairs. The plaintiffs claim they expected the red paint to last at least 10 years, but their hopes were dashed because Mercedes allegedly concealed the defects.


Plaintiff Robert Ponzio purchased a new 2013 Mercedes-Benz Mars Red SL 550 in June 2013 and said his buying decision was based on the red color of the vehicle.


Ponzio claims he specifically asked the dealer sales rep about alleged problems with Mars Red paint and was told there had previously been a problem with the paint but that it had since been fixed.


Within a year, the plaintiff allegedly noticed the clear coat on the hood was peeling and later spread to other parts of the vehicle. In May 2018, the plaintiff claims he took the vehicle to a dealer and was told it needed a new paint job.


However, technicians said they would have to reach out to Mercedes-Benz’s corporate office to explore his options because the vehicle was out of warranty.

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