Monday, 16 June 2008 12:07

4$ Gasoline May Change Habits

  • Gasoline prices shattered the $4/gal mark; almost $1 higher than 1 year ago
  • Crude oil trading at $134+/bbl, more gasoline price increases probably in pipeline
  • Federal officials reported 1st decline in miles driven on US roads since 1979
  • Nationwide, about 8% of Americans changed commuting patterns; taking public transportation
  • Energy (electricity, gasoline, heating) account for about 6.5% of average household budget
  • Estimated vehicle miles traveled on US roads for March fell 4.3%, or 11B, compared w/ March 2007


Chrysler LLC, the third-largest U.S.-based automaker, said it will boost prices an average of 2 percent on all 2008 model-year cars and trucks because of rising costs for steel and other commodities. The increase will take effect on vehicles shipped to dealers starting June 16, Chrysler spokesman Stuart Schorr said. Chrysler's U.S. sales fell 19 percent in the first five months of this year.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008 17:03

Toyota denies Tacoma is defective

Media inspired acceleration claims, it says

Some 431 customers from around the country have reported unintended or sudden acceleration in their Toyota Tacoma pickups, resulting in 51 crashes and 12 injuries, but Toyota said there are no flaws in the trucks and that many reports were "inspired by publicity."

The following three state associations rank the leading insurers consistently with State Farm at or near the top and Allstate, Nationwide, and Progressive near the bottom.

The Nebraska Autobody Association (NABA)

NABA announced that it completed tabulations of the annual survey that invites shops to rate insurance companies. NABA’s most recent survey was based on the 2007 calendar year and asked repairers to rank insurers on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest (worst) rating and 10 being the highest (best) rating. State Farm Insurance with an overall rating of 8.38 stayed in the number one position, a spot it held for the past three years. Farmers Mutual Insurance, with a rating of 7.55, retained the number two-position, and Battlecreek, with a rating of 6.77, moved into the number three position a spot previously held by AAA in 2005 and Union Insurance in 2006.

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by Ken Thomas, Claims Journal

From Jeannie Harrison's perspective, the social lives of most teenagers tend to revolve around their cell phones -- even when they are behind the wheel.

Scott McRoberts is out to make lives better, one individual at a time. Through the Wheels of Hope project, McRoberts, with six area churches as partners, helps create opportunities for people who seemingly have none.