The government is upgrading its crash test program for new cars and trucks to give consumers better information about vehicle safety.

TickerMine found that 50% of Maaco locations contacted reporting that business was down over the past few months, while 44% business had remained steady. Only 6% reported an increase in business levels.  56% of respondents reported that customers were now more likely to pay for major body work at a Maaco location as customers were trying to maintain resale values for their vehicles and wanted to forestall purchasing a new vehicle as long as possible.

Chuck Romano, the new owner of West Coast Collision, Cape Coral, FL, is proud of the business he took over a few months ago. He takes pride in the new lobby, with its custom colors and original artwork, and in his staff’s ability to recreate color on damaged car parts, often in the same day. He’s most proud of the waterborne technique is company is using.

EPA is amending the F019 hazardous waste listing to facilitate the use of aluminum in automobiles, light trucks and utility vehicles. Using aluminum parts produces lighter vehicles capable of increased gas mileage and decreased exhaust air emissions, including a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

A new public database may protect American consumers, keep rolling wrecks off the highways and save lives in the process.

OTC Member States May Consider Current California Policy

The Ozone Transportation Committee (OTC) held its annual meeting last week to discuss upcoming initiatives for 2008--2009. During the meeting, OTC members referenced the new CARB Suggested Control Measure (SCM) for Automotive Coatings and made plans to consider the rule and its possible implementation in the OTC member states.