A new public database may protect American consumers, keep rolling wrecks off the highways and save lives in the process.

OTC Member States May Consider Current California Policy

The Ozone Transportation Committee (OTC) held its annual meeting last week to discuss upcoming initiatives for 2008--2009. During the meeting, OTC members referenced the new CARB Suggested Control Measure (SCM) for Automotive Coatings and made plans to consider the rule and its possible implementation in the OTC member states.

While most flood-damage claims in Wisconsin have been for homes and businesses, insurers are starting to see more claims for waterlogged automobiles and trucks.

Image It’s no surprise that Eileen Sottile has been promoted to Vice-President of Government Affairs for LKQ Corporation, (NASDAQ: LKQX). She was raised in Kingston, New York, a small colonial city 200 miles up the Hudson River from New York City. Known as “the breadbasket of the Revolution,” Kingston was the third Dutch colony in the New World and provided Washington’s troops with wheat and other food in 1777, eventually becoming the first capital of New York State. Sottile’s political roots stem from her Italian-Irish and Kingston heritage.
    The Sottile family are restauranteurs in Kingston and have always been very involved in politics. Sottile  and her five siblings grew up in the world of campaigns, fundraisers, meetings and political picnics in the midst of this family with a strong social conscience to serve the community.
    After graduating from the University of New York, Sottile served as an intern in N.Y. state for Senator Martin Conner. As a vigorous supporter for the advancement of human rights and working on issues of concern to women, this was a good fit for Sottile.
  • US Energy Dept providing $30M over 3 years for trio of plug-in vehicle projects
  • Only fraction of support automakers sought; money to be used for plug-in vehicle test fleets and accelerate mass production of battery technologies
  • Chrysler plans to build 80 plug-in vehicles over 3 years w/ GE; 10 Dodge Durangos, Chrysler Aspens built in 1st year able to travel 40 miles on battery power
  • GM along w/ state agencies won funding for project to enhance lithium-ion battery packs, charging systems, powertrain development and vehicle integration; will deploy plug-in test fleet
  • Ford working w/ Southern CA Edison, Johnson Controls-Saft on funded project to accelerate mass production of plug-in hybrids
  • Each automaker joint project will receive about $10M, energy department said
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Monday, 16 June 2008 12:07

4$ Gasoline May Change Habits

  • Gasoline prices shattered the $4/gal mark; almost $1 higher than 1 year ago
  • Crude oil trading at $134+/bbl, more gasoline price increases probably in pipeline
  • Federal officials reported 1st decline in miles driven on US roads since 1979
  • Nationwide, about 8% of Americans changed commuting patterns; taking public transportation
  • Energy (electricity, gasoline, heating) account for about 6.5% of average household budget
  • Estimated vehicle miles traveled on US roads for March fell 4.3%, or 11B, compared w/ March 2007