AutoUSA has reported a 273% increase in Toyota Prius consumer leads through May 2008 year-to-date.  AutoUSA’s Prius leads have been steadily growing over the past three years, more than doubling from last year with a significant spike over the past 6 months.

The lead volume for the Prius is indicative of the changing buying habits of consumers and new market demands. Ironically, in May 2008, Toyota reported a 40% drop in Prius sales due to a shortage of batteries that is likely to resolve in January 2009. The number of pre-orders is increasing.

One key piece of information helping environmental and gas-conscious consumers in their vehicle purchasing decision is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  AutoUSA provides a combination of advanced web-based technology and a network that includes the country’s most well respected online automotive resources, including Edmunds.com, Kelley Blue Book, MSN Autos, Yahoo! Autos, America Online, NADA Analytical Services Group, AutoVantage.com, AutoNation.com and AutoUSA.com.  To get into the AutoUSA program go to http://www.AutoUSA.com

Monday, 14 July 2008 09:38

Colossal Class Action Hits Texarkana

Like the common lore, everything may be bigger in Texas, except, it seems, when it comes to staggering legal action. Nobody tops Texarkana, Ark., these days.

RepairPal, an impartial source for auto care and repair available to consumers, is a free service that delivers objective, fair service price estimates, an extensive auto shop directory, and expert insights from certified mechanics. For the first time, consumers will benefit from proprietary industry data previously available only to professional automobile technicians. 

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to brief the Environmental Regulation Commission (ERC) on its rule development project for the adoption of the California motor vehicle emissions standards. The purpose of the hearing was to review comments received regarding the proposed adoption of California emissions standards. 

Two position statements on blending issues—including the use of the term “blending” in regard to labor and material reductions; and also deductions related to a number of specific refinish procedures have been approved by the board of the Automotive Service Association (ASA).

Insurance Industry Employs “Deny, Delay, Defend” Strategy, Puts Profits Over Policyholders

Allstate ranks as the worst insurer for consumers, according to a comprehensive investigation of thousands of legal documents and financial filings.