Keystone Automotive announced on Feb. 1 that it will sell only aftermarket bumper reinforcement bars that qualify under the company’s quality assurance programs or are approved through third party testing.

CRA president Lee Amaradio announced Jan. 29  that Toby Chess will work with the association in a campaign to inform key California lawmakers and regulators about the inherent risks associated with the use of certain aftermarket safety parts.

The Database Enhancement Gateway (DEG), in an effort to provide collision repairers with another tool to assist them in their quest to prepare more complete and accurate estimates, has developed a matrix of major vehicle manufacturers (OEs) and the condition in which their bumper covers are shipped.

During a recent CIC Technical Presentation, SCRS Board member and well known I-CAR instructor Toby Chess (see ABN column here) demonstrated differences between a number of aftermarket structural parts and their OEM counterparts.  The presentation was witnessed by the CIC body, including a number of aftermarket part industry representatives, illustrated the importance of structural part certification in the aftermarket.  

Monday, 01 February 2010 09:56

CAPA To Establish New Certification Standard

Certified Auto Parts Association (CAPA) Executive Director Jack Gillis today announced a major new CAPA certification standard to address widespread concern about the quality and safety of bumper parts.  Recent disclosures of differences in the material properties of aftermarket bumpers and related parts have prompted calls by collision industry leaders for independent testing and certification of aftermarket bumpers and other safety parts.  

In November 2009 and January 2010, SCRS National Director and Education Committee member, Toby Chess, performed presentations outlining comparative studies he had conducted between randomly selected OEM and Aftermarket Structural Replacement parts. The parts reviewed included items such as Front and Rear Bumper Reinforcement Beams, Radiator Core Supports, Bumper Brackets and Bumper Energy Absorbers.