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The Automotive Service Association (ASA), along with a coalition of various industry groups, has urged the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to finalize rulemaking that would prevent rebuilt, wrecked, flooded or stolen vehicles from unknowingly landing in consumer’s hands.

"The market has grown at a much faster clip than we thought," said GM President Frederick Henderson. "We're seeing all of our global competition running hard in Russia."

Repairers say MA law needed to protect independent shops and consumers

Three additional independent automotive repair organizations have announced their support for the Right to Repair bill currently before the Massachusetts Legislature on the eve of what is expected to be a critical vote by the committee that has been considering the legislation.

Almost all Americans believe they are safe drivers, yet almost three-quarters are guilty of distracted driving, a survey from Nationwide Insurance  finds.  90% of drivers believe DWD – Driving While Distracted – will only increase in future generations.

Ford Motor said it no longer believes that it will be profitable in 2009 and will instead post break-even results for the year. The news is a blow to the auto maker, which had vowed to be profitable in 2009 based on its continued-cost cutting practices in North America and increased international sales. Ford plans to cut 2008 production of large trucks and SUVs, citing customer shifts to more fuel-efficient cars and crossover SUVs.