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    Hollywood has Oscars. Broadway has Tonys. TV has Emmys. Video productions are honored with the coveted Telly Award. And the winner for outstanding video production is … Toyota. Toyota walked away with top honors for their entries in the video/film program category. As a University of Toyota industry partner, BASF supported the accolade.
    Mentors at Work is once again initiating its annual quest for the best of the best occupational mentors in the country and is seeking nominations from the collision repair industry for consideration for the “Mentor Of The Year” award. This “Mentor Of The Year” award will be presented to the journeyman technician, currently working in a shop, who has shown exceptional skill and prowess in teaching and training new technician talent for his or her employer.
    What if your car had a sixth sense that could “see” the traffic you couldn’t or didn’t notice, and, if needed, stopped itself to prevent a collision?
Thursday, 12 February 2009 16:17

Senate Passes “Clunker-Free” Stimulus Bill

Most Collision Repairers supported Cash for Clunkers, but SEMA Members and SAN Enthusiasts Claim Credit for Helping Block  Program

SEMA-member companies and classic-car enthusiasts helped eliminate a "Cash for Clunkers" provision from both the Senate and House versions of the economic stimulus bill.

SEMA praised the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for passing "clunker-free" versions of the economic stimulus bill. The final bill to be signed into law by President Obama has no vehicle scrappage program.

Gas prices too high? Put on the brakes and settle in to Comedy Central’s new series, "American Body Shop," a half-hour narrative that explores the completely dented world of car maintenance, body work and the people who toil in it. "American Body Shop" premieres on Sunday, July 8 at 10:30 p.m.
    Automotive Service Association (ASA) members recently attended the BASF Refinish Technologies review following BASF’s meeting with General Motors Corp. BASF and GM annually review BASF refinish coating products being used by GM dealers and independent repairers. ASA attended in response to an invitation from Joseph Skurka, BASF manager of OEM and Industry Relations.