The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said it will be opening a formal defect investigation into the risk of fire in Chevy Volts following a serious crash after the agency was able to reproduce the events that led to the initial Volt fire, and had a second car ignite last week.

This past May, NHTSA crashed a Chevy Volt. During that test, the vehicle's battery was damaged and the coolant line was ruptured. When a fire involving the test vehicle occurred more than three weeks after it was crashed, the agency concluded that the damage to the vehicle's lithium-ion battery during the crash test led to the fire.

Toby Chess wants repairers to email him the details of ill-fitting or poor-quality parts—whether OEM or non-OEM, certified or non-certified. “I’m not against aftermarket parts,” Chess has repeatedly said. “My message is that all that shops want are good quality parts that don’t require margin-eating extra days or hours of returns and refitting. Where they come from is not the issue.” Email him with the details at tcspeedster@yahoo.com

Sooner or later you will pay for a faulty product, deliver a product or service that you did not get paid for, or have a dispute with another business. Regardless of how the dispute occurs, someone will owe you money but will refuse to pay. If the dispute is over a large sum of money, you will typically need to file a regular lawsuit which tends to be complex, cumbersome, and expensive.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011 23:44

ASA Approves New Crash Parts Policy

ASA Recognizes Value of Certification and Verification for Parts Quality

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) Board of Directors met this past weekend and discussed changes to the ASA policy on replacement crash parts. The board voted unanimously to approve a new policy for crash parts.
With reference to the new policy, Dan Stander, AAM, ASA Collision Division director and co-owner of Jerry Stander’s Collision Works, Littleton, Colo., said:

“ASA’s replacement crash parts position statement is in response to today’s parts usage and market conditions. With an increasing number of part types with various levels of quality, and an increase in the number of processes used to validate – or not validate – these various lines of quality, it is confusing at best to most repairers.

Boyd Group Income Fund, operator of 166 auto body shops, reported its financial results for the three-month and nine-month periods ended September 30, 2011

Chicago-based startup grows rapidly, fielding over 1,300 auto body damage reports and claming to save consumers an average of $750 per car repair.

BodyShopBids, an online and mobile platform that enables consumers to solicit custom car repair estimates by uploading a photo, announced on Nov. 10 that it has written $1.5 million in body repair estimates within its first five months of service.

The Lightbank-funded company launched in June 2011. Since then, BodyShopBids has partnered with more than 160 body shops in Chicago and saved its customers an average of 60 percent on each car repaired, the company claims.

Accessible for free via iPhone, Android and the Web, BodyShopBids is the first of its kind to connect consumers who need auto body repairs with body shops through a unique bidding system. Consumers upload a photo of their damaged vehicles and receive custom quotes from nearby body shops within 24 hours. A personal concierge also educates consumers on the repair process. From there, the consumer chooses an estimate and books an appointment with the body shop.