The Second Court of Appeals in Los Angeles on Sept. 22 agreed with a lower court ruling that Ford committed fraud and acted with malice by deliberately concealing known defects in its 6.0-liter diesel engines.

Since its introduction to the world, insurance telematics technology has been closely linked to the advancement and adoption of usage-based insurance (UBI), and with good reason. UBI simply wouldn’t exist without telematics, but the knife doesn’t cut both ways.

At no cost to attendees, the Virtual AAPEX Experience is offering technical and management training on the top issues, challenges and opportunities facing automotive service and repair professionals.

Karma Automotive announced Sept. 22 it will be introducing a new name for a family of vehicles in 2021, the GS Series.

Tesla's Autopilot feature is not meant to be used on its own and instead requires a driver to always be present and alert behind the wheel.

The streak of record wholesale vehicle prices looks like it might stop at three months.

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