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Although it’s 2019 and many people will claim that gender equality has been achieved, the fact remains that society identifies distinct differences between females and males.

Lirel Holt, a Kansas City, MO, owner of a collision repair company, had an idea back in the 1980s to help independent shop owners like himself unite with professional standards, common repair practices, buying power and operational support.

It’s the end of an era for Volkswagen Beetle fans.

To state the obvious: The future of autonomous vehicle regulation is fluid. At present, the federal government regulates the vehicle itself—its construction, composition and reliability, while state governments regulate driver competence.

Bitmo, a mobile gifting and payment platform that is transforming the $160 billion gift card industry, has partnered with peer-to-peer safety platform Carma Project to deliver an innovative incentive-based program designed exclusively for accelerating consumer response to automotive recalls.

"Electric vehicles represent the future of mobility," said Daniel Barel, CEO, and co-founder of REE, a company that is rebuilding the way vehicles are made.

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