A Toyota Tacoma rear axle recall involves more than 402,000 trucks with components that can fall off.

The recalled 2022-2023 Tacoma trucks may have debris from the welding of the ends of the rear axle assemblies which can cause the retaining nuts to loosen and detach.

In addition to the retaining nuts falling off, Toyota says a "part" could separate from the axle and cause stability and braking problems.

Toyota Tacoma rear axle recall letters will be mailed at the end of April explaining how dealers will inspect the rear axle assemblies and retighten the axle retaining nuts. Any damaged axle components will be repaired or replaced.

About 21,000 of the Tacoma trucks are recalled in Canada.

Toyota didn't announce more details about the Toyota Tacoma rear axle recall, but owners with questions may call 800-331-4331.

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