MOPAR Junk Yard

This is quite the find…

A newer car-themed YouTube channel has dropped a couple of shocking videos of a junkyard filled with classic Mopar muscle cars in the middle of the woods. People are amazed at how many desirable cars litter the landscape as trees grow up right beside and in some cases right in the middle of them.

The owners of the property are clear cutting the trees, all of which are young, so they can freely access the vehicles and keep them in good condition. That means hundreds of trees must be cut down, which even with power tools translates into a lot of work. The guy takes it all in stride in a way that tells us he’s done this over and over, so to him it’s no big deal.

Sitting in different states of disrepair and varying degrees of patina are muscle car legends like the Plymouth ‘Cuda and Dodge Challenger. On some the High Impact colors are still visible even through the forest, a calling card for anyone who has a need for speed.

Whenever we show any stashes of classic cars like this we get people wanting to know why anyone would let them sit like this. A lot of time these people save cars from getting essentially thrown away, so even though they don’t have the resources to restore every last one they are doing their best to preserve automotive history.

Which is more valuable: trees or Mopar muscle cars? In this case that’s an easy answer: the Mopars. People who live in urban areas and rarely touch grass might not understand that in the country trees are everywhere and they grow like crazy, in some ways making them almost like weeds. You have to watch for any growing near your house’s foundation, driveway, or other structures because the roots can do serious damage. So clear cutting all these trees to keep the classic vehicles from deteriorating the rest of the way isn’t cruel or stupid, it’s necessary.

Check out both videos of this amazing treasure trove of classic Mopars.

We thank Motorious for reprint permission.

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