Lemonade, a digital insurance company powered by AI, on March 29 announced the launch of Lemonade Car in Oregon, marking the fifth state where the full suite of Lemonade insurance products are available.

As a state known for its environment-friendly ways and low-mileage drivers, Lemonade Car will be a welcome option for those in Oregon looking for car insurance that aligns with their values---and their wallet. 

Lemonade Car offers drivers the ability to only pay for the miles they drive on top of a low monthly base price, perfect for those opting for their bike commute or working from home throughout the week. With the Lemonade app, this gives drivers a new option for car insurance with built-in safety features, including free crash detection and emergency services, and access to its quick, efficient claims process. 

Additionally, Lemonade Car gives back to the planet by funding reforestation efforts throughout Oregon’s Santiam State Forest, known for its Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedars, to help clean up the carbon emissions of its drivers.

With Lemonade, drivers across Oregon can access its top-rated insurance, including:

Determining their price with their mileage each month: Policies will be priced based on the driver’s mileage. With a low monthly base rate plus a few cents per mile, drivers will only pay for the miles they actually drive —perfect for low mileage drivers.

Benefits for environment-conscious drivers: Lemonade Car offers ideal coverage for low mileage drivers and funds reforestation to help clean up after customers’ carbon emissions, over time.

Fast claims and emergency services when needed: Lemonade Car features a first-of-its-kind claims process that allows customers to file claims in minutes, as well as the ability to customize coverages, add a new car, and more through the Lemonade app. When needed, drivers can also access tow services, emergency EV battery recharge, and the option to track repairs, body shop work and more.

Insurance backed by data: With billions of miles of data under the hood, Lemonade Car has the expertise to provide low rates and handle claims quickly and efficiently.

Discounts for bundling: New and existing customers in Oregon can receive discounts when bundling with other Lemonade products---renters, homeowners, pet and life---to save up to hundreds of dollars a year.

Lemonade created a guide for drivers to help navigate the nuances of car insurance in the state of Oregon. Whether it’s a breakdown of what’s required or extra coverage that might be good to have, drivers can find it all in Lemonade’s Oregon car insurance guide.

Source: Lemonade

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