Revving up your dealership or repair shop involves more than just tuning engines and closing deals. Ensuring workplace safety is paramount, not only for your employees' well-being but also to steer clear of potential OSHA violations. Buckle up as we take a pit stop to explore OSHA's Top 5 Violations tailored for dealers and repair shops. From hazard communication mishaps to electrical wiring woes, let's gear up and navigate through these crucial checkpoints for a smoother ride to compliance.

1. Failure to Provide Hazard Communication (HazCom)

This violation involves not having a comprehensive program for communicating chemical hazards to employees.

Tips To Avoid a Violation: Ensure all hazardous chemicals are labeled correctly, maintain safety data sheets (SDS), and conduct employee training on chemical safety.

2. Inadequate Respiratory Protection

Businesses may be cited for not providing appropriate respiratory protection to employees working in environments with harmful airborne contaminants.

Tips To Avoid a Violation: Conduct a thorough assessment of respiratory hazards, provide suitable respirators, implement a written respiratory protection program, and offer proper training on respirator use.

3. Lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This violation occurs when employees are not properly fitted or provided with necessary personal protective equipment to mitigate workplace hazards.

Tips To Avoid a Violation: Identify potential hazards, supply appropriate PPE such as gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing, perform a fit test, and ensure employees are trained on PPE usage and maintenance.

4. Failure to Control Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)

Businesses may be cited for not having procedures in place to prevent unexpected machine startup or release of stored energy during maintenance or servicing activities.

Tips To Avoid a Violation: Develop and implement a comprehensive lockout/tagout program, provide adequate training to employees, and regularly review and update procedures.

5. Unsafe Electrical Wiring Methods

This violation involves using improper electrical wiring methods, which can lead to electrical shocks, fires, or other accidents.

Tips To Avoid a Violation: Ensure compliance with electrical codes and standards, regularly inspect electrical systems, address any identified issues promptly, and provide training on electrical safety practices.

By being aware of these common OSHA violations and implementing proactive measures to address them, dealers and repair shops can create safer work environments for their employees while also avoiding potential penalties and fines. So, shift into gear, prioritize safety, and drive your business toward compliance and success.

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Written by Toby Graham. Toby manages the marketing communications team at KPA. She's on a quest to help people tell clear, fun stories that their audience can relate to while also learning how to keep their teams safe. She's a huge sugar junkie, and usually starts wandering the halls looking for cookies around 3 p.m. daily.

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