The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) announced in a news release the expansion of its CAPA mobile app, integrating the CAPA Tracker. Users will now be able to enter part information into the CAPA Tracker seamlessly through the CAPA app, without interrupting a repair to input information via computer into the CAPA website.

The CAPA Tracker closes an information gap and provides visibility throughout the supply and repair chain from manufacturer to distributor to repairer to consumer.

The app provides two options to input part information: users can type in the unique CAPA Seal number into the CAPA Tracker or simply scan the CAPA Quality Seal on the part using the phone’s camera, which will automatically populate part information into the form.

Users can also add a repair order number into the CAPA Tracker database using that repairer’s unique “Shop Code” to help keep track of which vehicle a part was used to repair. The app will save the user’s Shop Code, making future submissions even faster.

In the event of a confirmed issue with a part through CAPA’s post-certification monitoring processes, the CAPA Tracker can identify all reported instances of the use of that part, matching the seal number to the applicable repair orders and repairers. This allows CAPA to immediately notify each repairer, so they can alert their customers and take any necessary action.

The CAPA Tracker gives repairers confidence they will always be in the loop when it comes to the parts they trust for a repair.

“CAPA strives to be a trusted leader in providing assurance of quality auto parts. Making it quicker and easier to use the CAPA Tracker gives repairers peace of mind when using CAPA Certified parts for a repair and increases part traceability long after a repair has taken place,” said Clark Plucinski, chairman of the CAPA Board of Directors.

The updated CAPA app is now live and can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store.

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