RM, a leading brand of BASF, has introduced the RMC1000, a groundbreaking one-coat clear solution in the refinish paint market, offering time savings and potential revenue growth.

“RMC1000 is a trailblazing product for our customers," said Jim Reddy, BASF's marketing manager for the Americas in refinish coatings. "As the very first one-coat clear in the industry, the increase in speed and efficiency is simply unobtainable through any other product on the market.”

Unlike traditional 1.5-coat clears that require a flash-off time and a second coat, RMC1000's advanced formula enables application in just one wet coat, followed by 30 minutes of drying at 140 F°. This method eliminates the need for a second coat and flash-off time, reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.

The impact of this time efficiency is substantial. For body shop owners, every minute counts. With RMC1000, they can save at least 10 minutes per job, translating to more than $500,000 in additional annual revenue. For instance, a shop running four cycles per day with an average repair order (RO) of $3,750 using a 1.5-coat clear generates about $315,000 per month per booth. By switching to RMC1000, this could increase to 4.6 cycles per day, potentially adding an extra $564,000 per year.

Beyond revenue, RMC1000 also offers notable environmental benefits. Swapping a 1.5-coat clear with RMC1000 can result in significant energy saving -- about $2,000 annually -- and a reduction of 7,000 pounds in CO2 emissions. This emission reduction is equivalent to a car journey from Michigan to Alaska and back. Additionally, the new one-coat clear allows immediate savings on RO cost per hour for shops.

RMC1000 not only streamlines operations but also provides superior sag resistance and excellent appearance, addressing the growing demand for improved productivity and less complexity in the refinish industry.

RMC1000 one-coat clear is now available for national rule markets.

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