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AirPro Diagnostics Offers the Most Cost-Effective, Tested and Proven Tools, Guaranteed to Reduce Cycle Time!

Brand specialists make it possible to calibrate most makes and models in-house.



As the popularity of ADAS-equipped vehicles continues to rise in the U.S., the proper repair and calibration of these vehicles presents cycle time challenges for independent collision repair facilities as well as all automotive repair sectors. Contrary to popular belief, calibrations can be performed in your shop even where space constraints are present with AirPro’s ADAS tools including the revolutionary Auggie device which meets National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards to ensure a complete and safe repair.

Cycle Time Rebound?

In the second quarter of 2023, Enterprise reported the average length of rental (LOR), or repair cycle time, in the U.S. was 17.4 days. For reference, pre-pandemic LOR in Q1 2020 was 13.2 days. This represents over four (4.2) days difference. While supply constraints during the pandemic contributed to the increase in cycle time, they have lessened for the most part and availability is no longer the single contributor.

The rapid acceleration of vehicle technology and unique vehicle network design by manufacturer is a major contributing factor in the other 4.2 days of cycle time. This results in increased rental car costs and declines in customer satisfaction. Further compounding this issue is the lack of qualified staffing across all sectors including body shops, dealerships and mechanical shops. The thought that any one technician in a shop with a simple scan tool can service 35 or so brands is unreasonable.

AirPro’s on-demand Brand Specialists can efficiently service 97% of shop’s needs across all brands (except Tesla). Having on-demand Brand Specialists means when you submit for GM vehicle services at AirPro, for example, a GM Brand Specialist will service the vehicle, not a Toyota technician or vice versa. This is not to say that Toyotas are not complicated, but to point out there is complexity by manufacturer and only those experienced in servicing those vehicles should diagnose, program and calibrate them. After all, you wouldn’t send a GM vehicle to a Toyota dealer for service, right?

AirPro Diagnostics’ services can reduce cycle time / LOR by at least two full days, guaranteed. In many cases even more!

Service When You Need It

AirPro Diagnostics has a 10-Minute Response Pledge from the time a facility requests service to the time an AirPro Brand Specialist is connected in the vehicle and performing live-data tests. As of September 2023, AirPro’s daily average response time in close to 500,000 service requests is one minute and 23 seconds (1:23) with a 97.3% service success rate.


Simply put, ADAS-equipped automobiles need to be repaired efficiently and correctly by qualified personnel. An AirPro Diagnostics Brand Specialist who is focused on key brands with access to multiple tools ensures a properly repaired, well-documented diagnostic service with a clear blueprint of the calibrations needed from manufacturer service information to assist shops.


It is not reasonable to expect body shops to be experts in 35 automakers’ electronics and safety systems. Service to these systems should only be carried out by Brand Specialists from remote providers like AirPro Diagnostics, who are trained and experienced in ADAS calibrations and advanced diagnostics. We find the problems and fix them right the first time.

Cost Effectiveness

Remote diagnostics from AirPro Diagnostics strikes an attractive balance between cost and efficiency. AirPro solutions are the most cost-effective in the marketplace and pricing plans including $0 down are available. Per vehicle service fees are a small fraction of mobile or dealer fees.

Liability Protection

A collision repair facility always assumes all the liability for a repair, whether it was sublet to a dealer or a mobile vendor or if the services were performed in-house. AirPro Diagnostics is the only ADAS recalibration system on the market today that has an indemnification clause in its service contract with its customers.

AirPro Diagnostics is the trusted global leader in remote scanning, diagnostics, ADAS calibration and programming services. AirPro’s Brand Specialist-driven solutions are guaranteed to reduce cycle time. AirPro offers repair facilities affordable, streamlined alternatives to tackling the logistical, financial and training demands of providing their own in-house ADAS technicians to tackle the unique requirements of multiple vehicle makes and models. The other option is subletting those services to dealerships or other vendors, where quality, cycle time, cost and profit is out of their hands. Remember, only AirPro Diagnostics can provide you with the Auggie device which meets National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Standards to ensure a complete and safe repair.

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